Who am I

I’m Pascale OUDIN, 35, mother.
I work in a library where I manage the computers space and offer workshops to help people discover, understand and be autonomous with a computer, a word processor, spreadsheet, internet, and social media.
I studied computer science in university and wanted to be a developer. I studied C++, HTML/CSS, php, Java and some other languages.
I always loved to code but accidents of life diverted me from this domain.
I want to reconnect with programming and maybe one day follow this path again !

Why this blog

This blog is to encourage me to my return to programming. I began with web development, but I found it wasn’t what I wanted. I always been curious on mobile apps, and began a online course on making apps, and it totally all I wanted to do ! 🙂
I’ll share here my projects, tests, my questions and evolution.