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I followed another MOOC, about making an Android app, that stired my curiosity. It was to quick, not for newbie (like me…), I tought they just touched the main subjects. I needed more, and I found another course that suits me more.

Some good things and ideas came out tough.

I found the Pencil software that is very good at planning and making mock up of future apps.

It made me want to learn more about making Android app… And working my english again !

I had to imagine an app I wanted to make, explain how it’d work, what functionnalities I’d offer to users and show the different screens.

As I was writing the description and making the activity screens, I saw how much it’d involve to make an app like this. I needed more informations and detailed explainations to achieve this.

My shopping list
I’m going to make an application to manage grocery list or shopping list.
The application opens on a “home screen” that shows all the existing lists or just the “No lists yet” phrase.
The menu button takes the user to the home screen from everywhere in the app.

If there is no list yet:

  • The user can create a new list by clicking on the “+” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • The “New list” activity opens and he can input the name of the list and choose its color. A toast appears to inform the user the list is created.
  • The “Add items” activity opens and the user can fill its list
    • In this view you can add items in 2 different ways:
      • By entering the name of the product you want to add in the input field “Add new item”. A list of suggestions from the catalog appears. If a suggestion matches you can click on it to add the item. If there is no satisfying suggestion you can add a new item by clicking on the “Add” button. The item will be added to your list and additionally to the catalog.
      • By clicking on a tag in the “Catalog” tab (which contains a set of basic products you can buy in a market), or in the “Favourites” tab (which contains you preferred products) the item will be added to your list.
    • When an item is chosen, its tab move to the field
    • The user can add an item to the “Favourites” tab by making a long press on its tag, in the “catalog” tab. The tab becomes pink, and appears in the “Favourites” tab.
    • When the choice is done, the user can save his list by clicking on the save button. A toast appears to inform the user the list is saved.
    • If the user doesn’t click on save and press “back” button or “home” button, a pop up ask him he wants to save the list before quitting the page.

If there is existing lists:

On the “home” page, the user sees a list of all lists (J).

On each list, there is 3 possible actions:

  • The user can add items to the list by clicking on the “+” button on the right. He will be sent to the “Add item” activity
  • The user can access to a submenu by clicking on the “3 points” button. 2 actions will be possible:
    • Edit: to modify the name and the color of the list
    • Share: to share in different medias (social media, message, other app, printer…)
    • Delete: to delete the list
  • The user can click on the name of the list to show it. He will be sent to the “list” activity
    • On this page we can see all the items of the list unchecked. Each time the user take an item during his shopping, he clicks on its name or checkbox. The item goes to the bottom of the screen and is checked.

As I describe this app, I realize that it is more complex that I could imagine. So I think I will make the basics first and I’ll add the other functionalities step by step.

I made a prototype with the basic functionalities with Pencil :

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